Hi! Welcome! I’m glad you found your way to Lofgren & Lace! So why Lofgren & Lace? Lofgren is my grandmother’s maiden name and my middle name. It’s a unique part of me, as is all of me, and I get to share some of that here! Lace, well, it’s definitely a pretty staple part of my style! Love lace! It’s beautiful, elegant, detailed, antique…as I write these words I see, interestingly enough, how they connect with things I’m passionate about! Continue reading to see what a few of these are:


I have always loved shopping and fashion. My friends have always wanted to borrow from my closet and have said, whenever you want to get rid of anything, let me know! Why has it taken me until age 30 to realize I could do this as a job? God’s timing. I can see my experiences of

-much shopping!
-having a fashionable mom (who has Neiman Marcus and Anthropologie in her background)
-having to learn to dress for a variety of venues (various countries, events, professions, etc.)
-a constant desire to find the perfect attire for every event (maybe I’ll design someday!)
-now working for Anthropologie (one of my favorite stores of all time)
-and desire to help people look and feel their best (personal styling/shopping experience with friends and customers at Anthropologie)

all contributing to me finally sharing my gifts in this area with a larger audience.

If you can’t wait-check out my tumblr where I will be posting outfits of the day (#ootd) as well as My Style and Accessories boards on pinterest. You can find the links above in my menu.

This spring, I learned more about these 4 little red and green capsules I had been taking to help me get at least some fruit and vegetable nutrients into my body daily-used to not be the healthiest eater! Now, I’m getting even more good nutrients into my body and sharing with people how easy it can be, so they can feel the best they can be! With Juice Plus and #HLR (Healthy Living Rules), life is just getting healthier for me one step at a time! I’ll be sharing some of that journey here.
If you want to learn more feel free to visit my websites jeane.juiceplus.com and jeane.towergarden.com.

I LOVE TO TRAVEL. I think it began at a young age; my family always took trips, small and big. Then high school and college came with mission trips, study abroads, and student teaching overseas and my life has never been the same. I try to travel out of the country at least once every two years, if not every year (that goes for Disney parks as well:). Love learning about and seeing the history in the places I visit too! Many of my friends live out of state (and some out of country) and I love to visit them all when I can! With all this, I will definitely be posting about my traveling adventures here, as well as how to prepare for them (love packing!).
If you can’t wait, check out these links now- airbnb, Rafiki Foundation as well as my Travel and Europe boards on pinterest.

My hope and prayer is that you may be inspired and learn from some of my passions, and maybe learn something new about yourself, leading to an even more inspiring you!

Thank you to my very fashionable, beautiful sister as well, who inspires me, who has been teaching me how to share all this with a larger audience via social media.

One more thing I love…laughing.



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